I am a User Experience Designer + Engineer interested in helping people tackle real life problems through human centered design. I firmly believe in the strong correlation between leadership, design and service.

I have written more about my design philosophy in the form of a paper in which I talk about the importance of design playing a key role in satisfying today's consumer. I also talk about the relationship between leadership and design as well as between design and service.

Here is an excerpt from the paper :

“ A professional who has been trained in reflective practice and in dealing with real world problems of a complex nature is a good person to have in the room where such problems are being dealt with and decisions being made. This person will be able to better design solutions for real life problems as opposed to someone who is trained in technical rationality or other traditional ways of thinking and decision making. Good decision making is all about leveraging the right amount of trade offs.


“ Design is service done right. The purpose of design is to serve. For the purposes of this essay I am going to use the "client" as the entity being served, however feel free to replace that with any stakeholder in the product development chain. Service requires knowing what is pleasurable, needed, wanted, required, or not required by the client. The core aim of business too is to deliver value to its clients. Kaplan and Norton say "Satisfying customers is the source of sustainable value creation"[9]. Value can be truly created for someone only when we know what is valuable for them.

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